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48 hours to make or break a film1 min read

4 April 2011 < 1 min read


48 hours to make or break a film1 min read

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What kind of (good) film can you make within 48 hours?

In the first ever 48 Hours Film Project Best of Asia Screening at Sinema Old School, there will be submissions from Vietnam, Mongolia, Beijing, Kuala Lumpar, Hong Kong and Singapore that is bound to blow your mind off.

Titles include: Sketch, Film Shop 61, The Last Gasp, The River, Flower, Game Over, and Xyclo Cu Em, Kacau, and Cut

All these films were produced in a similar format: On Friday night the filmmakers will receive a list of ingredients to include in their film: prop, character, line of dialogue and genre. Within 48 hours, they will submit a completed film.

Event Details (Ticketed free event, free seating)
Date: Wednesday, April 6th
Time: 7 pm
Place: Sinema Old School , Old School 11B Mount Sophia, 228466

There will beĀ  a Q&A session after the screening with the past participants and judges.

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