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Announcement of New Movie Project ““ THE WEDDING DIARY2 min read

1 April 2011 2 min read


Announcement of New Movie Project ““ THE WEDDING DIARY2 min read

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Clover Films, Golden Screen Cinemas, Mega Cineplex & Asia Tropical Films are pleased to announce their collaboration on a new movie project – The Wedding Diary.

The Wedding Diary is a fun and witty parody that attempts to make a mockery of the entire wedding process in a light-hearted and comedic manner, from the chaotic wedding preparations involving more family members than one would wish to, to the topsy-turvy giddiness of the actual event, the faux pas of the wedding guests, and more!

The Wedding Diary is directed by Adrian Teh with screenplay by Rebecca Leow, and brings together popular local and regional artistes, with Malaysian singer-actor Aniu and Hong Kong’s up-and-coming singer-actress Elanne Kwong taking on the lead roles as the prospective couple. The supporting cast will be announced shortly.

The Wedding Diary tells the story of a couple, Wei Jie & Tina (played by Aniu & Elanne Kwong respectively), who decides to get married. Wei Jie is an engineer working in Singapore, who comes from a humble Hokkien Malaysian family, while his wife-to-be Tina, comes from a well-to-do Cantonese Singaporean family. What follows the happy decision to tie the knot is a series of problems involving both families – the disparity in perceived wealth and the countless differences between Singaporean and Malaysian, Hokkien and Cantonese cultures, such that preparations for the wedding almost comes to a standstill. In a show of sincerity and commitment to his demanding parents-in-law to be, Wei Jie agrees to hold an extravagant and lavish wedding banquet in Singapore.

On the wedding day, Wei Jie discovers that most of the red packets he has planned to use to foot the bill have gone missing! Out of desperation, he heads to the nearby casino to try his luck and ends up losing more money. As he makes up one lie after another to cover up his problems, Tina starts to have suspicions about his fidelity and honesty. He quarrels with his father over the wedding arrangements and in a pique, his father leaves Singapore only to meet with a car accident on the way back to Penang. The happiest day in Wei Jie’s life is suddenly unfolding into what could be the most depressing”¦ or is it?

The Wedding Diary will be filmed in Singapore and Penang, Malaysia. Production of the movie will commence end-April 2011, with its theatrical release slated for November 2011 in Singapore & Malaysia.

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