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Filmart Market Off to a Hot Start1 min read

23 March 2011 < 1 min read


Filmart Market Off to a Hot Start1 min read

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The 2011 edition of Hong Kong’s Filmart proves that there is strength in numbers.

Exhibitors from China and the U.S., who were each in their own dedicated space, are rejoicing in the increased foot traffic, concentrated buyer numbers and easy access.

“It’d be a lot of trouble if we come here by ourselves,” said China’s Magical Media rep Zhuo Yi. “The grouped pavilion saved us a lot of work.”

Occupants in adjacent collective national booths such as the American Pavilion, the China Film Promotion International Inc., and companies coming setting up space under trade organizations such as the Shanghai International Cultural Service & Trade Platform and the China Broadcast Television Assn. also were happy with the easier set up, which for repeat exhibitors means shorter prep time, simple move-in for first-timers, and much less hassle over administration.

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