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China’s Top Rocker Cui Jian Set to Get 3D Concert Film1 min read

23 March 2011 < 1 min read


China’s Top Rocker Cui Jian Set to Get 3D Concert Film1 min read

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A 3D concert film and documentary on Cui Jian, China’s godfather of rock’n’roll, is nearing completion with editing help from the executive producer of U2 3D, the pioneering title in the budding genre of three-dimensional films celebrating great musicians.

Tentatively titled Stereo Symphony On the New Long March, the roughly 75-minute film will feature footage shot around two New Year’s 2010 concerts Cui gave in December at Beijing’s outdoor Workers’ Stadium cut together with interviews with the rock legend and his fans.

Cui, who turns 50 in August, wrote songs such as Nothing to my Name and A Piece of Red Cloth, which both became anthems for many Chinese born before 1980, whose childhoods were poor and whose college years marked by turmoil when Beijing’s one-party government suppressed a pro-democracy movement in 1989.

“This won’t just be a “˜docu-concert.’ We’re trying to show the world that Cui Jian is just like a lot of Chinese, people who are resilient in the face of great challenges,” producer Bai Qiang, a technology and Internet entrepreneur and CEO of the film production start up 3D China, told The Hollywood Reporter.

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