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Filmart: A Market-by-Market Look at Asian Film1 min read

20 March 2011 < 1 min read


Filmart: A Market-by-Market Look at Asian Film1 min read

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INDIA: Hollywood joins forces with Bollywood

The courtship between Hollywood and Bollywood continues with Killing Fields director Roland Joffe’s Singularity. Currently shooting in India, the time-travel epic features Bollywood star Bipasha Basu and Josh Hartnett as star-crossed lovers whose saga spans 18th century colonial India to the present.

CHINA: Imax and 3D thrive despite ticket prices

Imagine 1930s America, when swaths of the population saw their first movie. Well, in 2011 China, it’s back to the future as developers rush to engage the newly confident middle class of roughly 200 million potential filmgoers, currently underserved by a mere 6,200 screens.

THAILAND: Thai horror release pushes the envelope

Building on the thai film industry’s reputation for over-the-top horror fare, March will see the release of an “abortion revenge drama” in Thailand. Called 2002 The Unborn Child, the story is about aborted fetuses coming back and wreaking revenge on a middle-class Thai family.

HONG KONG: Local stars surprise moviegoers at the multiplex

Hong Kong stars are taking interactive marketing to a whole new level. Filmmakers and their casts are showing up at cinemas to show gratitude in person for audience support.

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