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Director returns with his 101st film1 min read

16 March 2011 < 1 min read


Director returns with his 101st film1 min read

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After making a series of films that were “replicas of Hollywood films” in the 1960s, director Im Kwon-taek set one solid goal in his mind.

“The films I made in the 1960s were solely created for box-office profits and audience appeal,” Im told The Korea Herald on Monday. “But I wanted to get away from that American style and make Korean films that can be only made through a Korean person.”

So he did. His works in the past three decades “• notably, “The Surrogate Woman” (1986), “Seopyeonje” (1993), “Chunhyang” (2000), “Painted Fire” (2002) and “Beyond the Years” (2007) “• share an original and poignant display of traditional Korean sentiment and culture.

His 101th film, which will be released on Thursday, is no exception in that sense. It keeps to Korean culture and tradition, featuring a group of people who try to regain the status of and preserve “hanji,” Korea’s traditional mulberry paper.

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