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Anime with Disaster Scenes Face Changes After Quake

15 March 2011


Anime with Disaster Scenes Face Changes After Quake

Several anime with disaster scenes or themes face changes after the March 11 earthquake and tsunami.

Other media are affected in Japan as well. The game maker Yeti announced that it will refrain from publicizing Root Double, the latest adventure game from Never7 -the end of infinity- director Takumi Nakazawa, due to the earthquake. The story of the game deals with the meltdown of a nuclear reactor.

The Japanese release of Feng Xiaogang’s live-action Aftershock film about the 1976 Tangshan earthquake is being delayed from March 26 to an unspecified date. The release was already delayed from March 7 due to the February 22 earthquake in New Zealand.

Manga creator Tomonori Inoue did report on Twitter on early Monday morning that he would be meeting with his publisher about what to do with the future of his post-apocalyptic action manga Coppelion.

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