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About a Boy1 min read

14 March 2011 < 1 min read


About a Boy1 min read

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She was “Little Papaya” in the musical movie 881 who made aunties (and uncles) cried in her death scene and traumatised audiences in a harrowing gang rape scene in 12 Lotus.

And she’s back in a new movie Perfect Rivals with one or two challenging scenes of contention.

Perfect Rivals is a family dramedy by A.I Pictures, a subsidiary of FLY Entertainment, starring Irene Ang and veteran Hong Kong actor Ha Yu as rival bak kwa (barbequed meat) sellers.

Actress Mindee Ong (pictured below at the press conference) stars as Yuan Yuan, daughter of Mei Mei (played by the affable Irene Ang), who cross dresses as a man to spy on the rival’s family. For her gender bending role, Ong had to wear layers of clothes to look bulkier and bind her chest. “Wearing the elastic band was so tight and hot. And I was constantly sweating from wearing layer after layer of clothes,” laments Ong.

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