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Framed: ‘A Wicked Tale’ of Little Red Riding Hood1 min read

11 March 2011 < 1 min read


Framed: ‘A Wicked Tale’ of Little Red Riding Hood1 min read

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Short films have come a long way since the moving images of stag cinema, exotic locales, fairground variety acts, propaganda and the marvels of everyday life.

What has grown since the days of Edison’s Kinetoscope and the Lumière Cinématographe has developed out of an artist’s view of the world — like the Surrealist experiments of the twenties (‘Un Chien Andalou’) and the sixties avant-garde (Chris Marker).

In the eighties, another kind of short film was born — the music video (‘Thriller’). MTV showcased the work of directors — many of whom eventually became feature film favorites (David Fincher) — whose quick-cut editing style influenced the way we consume visual narrative.

Now, with the advent of newer technology and the Internet, an independent/DIY aesthetic has become more widely accepted, and short films have been easier to view and distribute.

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