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Coming soon: Pirated movies in 3D1 min read

9 March 2011 < 1 min read


Coming soon: Pirated movies in 3D1 min read

Reading Time: < 1 minute

IN AN effort to keep audiences flocking to the cinemas to see the latest movies, studios and theatres are gambling on the 3D movie experience.

At first glance, the gambit makes sense – the industry needs the wow factor to woo consumers who have ready access to file-sharing websites.

They can also play pirated movies on elaborate, home theatre systems that deliver high-quality thrills without the steep price of a night at the multiplex. Will opting for 3D films that require special electronics equipment and software to view properly pull in the customers and stop would-be pirates in their tracks?

Perhaps not, says Wayan Palmieri, chief technology officer of Digital Revolution Studios, a 3D production house based in Van Nuys, California. Because today’s films all end up in digital format for home consumption – either as Blu-ray discs or downloadable files – he says they are all vulnerable to being hacked and pirated. It’s only a question of time.

“It’s a vicious cycle right now but I don’t see it stopping at any point soon,” he says. “There will be pirated 3D Blu-rays, I’m 100-per-cent sure of that.”

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