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I Am What I Am1 min read

8 March 2011 < 1 min read


I Am What I Am1 min read

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Indian gay filmmaker Onir talks about his four-part film, I Am with Andrew Shaw about I Am Omar, the story that deals with a gay hook up that turns to blackmail.

“I Am represents one of the few mainstream indie films. Indie films, especially narrating certain kinds of stories, find it increasingly difficult to find finance in a market where cinema is only another “product” and anything perceived as “different” or about the “other” is not encouraged.”

Because for us it was important to tell stories, we opened up to crowd funding through social networking. Today, I Am is the first mainstream Hindi feature film that has been ‘crowd sourced’: there are over 400 people from 45 cities across the world who have made this film possible.

Where did the inspiration for I Am come from?

I Am is inspired by real life stories of people I have met, heard of or read about. I Am Omar is about a homosexual hook up.

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