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Protest against Israeli Decision to Deport Immigrants’ Children

7 March 2011


Protest against Israeli Decision to Deport Immigrants’ Children

This past Friday (4 March), hundreds of protesters gathered at Gan Meir Park in Tel Aviv to rally against the Ministry of Interior’s recent decision to deport 400 children of foreign workers.

The demonstration was organized by relief organizations, such as the Center for Assistance of Foreign Workers, the Association for Civil Rights in Israel, Physicians for Human Rights and others.

According to the Jerusalem Post, cast members from the Oscar-winning film, Strangers No More, participated in the demonstration, and spoke about their experiences growing up in Israel.

“I speak Hebrew, write Hebrew and read it without vowels,” ten-year-old student and cast-member Esther Aikpehae stated.

“But like other kids, I don’t meet the criteria of the Interior Ministry, and my status in Israel is in doubt. I call on the State of Israel to let me stay,” she said.

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