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Giving Indonesian Films a Chance1 min read

2 March 2011 < 1 min read


Giving Indonesian Films a Chance1 min read

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There has been a lot of grumbling about the poor quality of Indonesian films over the past few weeks following the Motion Picture Association’s ban on exporting Hollywood films to Indonesian cinemas. The main complaint coming from cinema buffs is that once all of the glitzy Hollywood blockbusters go, all we’ll be left with is a glut of subpar local films.

But are high-quality Indonesian films really that scarce?

Film critic Ekky Imanjaya still believes Indonesian filmmakers have the potential to make high-quality films, if they can muster the courage to break the trend of using tired and formulaic gimmicks to sell their product. “At the moment, a lot of Indonesian filmmakers are forced to use the same old cheap tricks, such as ghosts or sex, to sell their products. Such movies may kill local interest in all Indonesian films,” he said.

Ekky thinks the lack of creativity comes as a result of filmmakers having lost their sense of direction.

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via The Jakarta Globe

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