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British documentary exposes dangerous side of Manila

27 February 2011


British documentary exposes dangerous side of Manila

From dangerous roads to extreme poverty, a British documentary highlighted several problems faced by millions of people in the Philippine capital city of Manila.

“Toughest Place to be a… Bus Driver”, part of a BBC series exploring difficult working conditions around the world, has chosen Manila as the toughest place for drivers due to appalling road conditions in the city.

The documentary followed the experience of John West, a British bus driver from London who spent a week in Manila to try his luck as a jeepney driver. “I know about Imelda Marcos and the shoes, but not much beyond that,” he said. “It wasn’t what I was expecting at all.”

The filmmakers revealed dangerous driving conditions in Manila, exposing lack of discipline by local drivers, lack of coherent traffic rules, lack of health and safety regulations, and chronic road congestion.

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