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Cinema On The Backfoot1 min read

26 February 2011 < 1 min read


Cinema On The Backfoot1 min read

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t’s that time of the year when distributors sulk as films move down the audience’s list of priorities.

Not only is mid-February to early-April exam time but, this year, it coincides with two back-to-back cricketing extravaganzas ““ the Cricket World Cup and the Indian Premier League.

So as big-budget films migrate into hibernation, it’s time for medium-budget films to try their luck at the ticket counter. This year, there are as many as 20 medium-budget movies scheduled to hit the marquee.

But coming back to our medium-budget bravehearts, this time, horror as a genre will brave the cricket onslaught. There are as many as three horror movies scheduled to release during the cricket season. Tradewallahs point out that horror attracts not only the classes but also the masses.

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