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Hoopla! Film Festival 20112 min read

25 February 2011 2 min read


Hoopla! Film Festival 20112 min read

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Inspired by the exposure scarcity of good Indonesian movies in Singapore, Hey!Diaspora magazine presents to you the first ever Indonesian film festival in Singapore. The event will take place for two weeks on February 26th till’ March 12th 2011 on various theater and campus venues islandwide.

The festival will kick off with one of Indonesia’s highly-acclaimed “Perempuan Punya Cerita” (Chants of Lotus) -an anthology of four short stories about women, by women, for women.

Directed by Nia Dinata, Upi Avianto, Lasja F. Sutanto and Fatimah T. Rony, the movie depicts the life of women in different parts of Indonesia, different social stratas and their lifes. Starring long lists of Indonesian actors and actresses, the movie became the closing film for the 2007 Jakarta International Film Festival and received an overwhelming standing ovation from the attendees.

The Opening film will be screened at Golden Village’s Cinema Europa at Vivo City on February 26th 2011. Tickets are on sale from 24 February 2011 at $10 at Golden Village Vivo City.

The festival will also hosts a special screening of Indonesia’s controversial director Joko Anwar. We will present a special screening of his directoral debut “Janji Joni” (Joni’s Promise) and also his award winning “Pintu Terlarang” (The Forbidden Door) back-to-back at La Salle College of The Arts in conjunction with “Two Hundred & Eight Films La Salle”.

Other movies that will be screened throughout the festival are “Ruma Maida” dan “Hari Untuk Amanda” that have been recognized as two of Indonesia’s best movies over the past years.

Not to forget our Short films directed and produced by Film students of Institut Kesenian Jakarta (Jakarta Institute of Art). This includes “Indonesiaku”, “Dialog Tentang Tuhan”, “Aku Cinta Manchester United dan Jilbabku” and two movies directed by current students of the Academy under guidance of Robby Ertanto -the young acclaimed director whose movie “7 Hati 7 Cinta 7 Wanita” is nominated as Best Movie for Festival Film Indonesia 2010 (FFI 2010).

Also we are debuting the highly anticipated #FilmMini by the sporadically growing #FiksiMini society on twitter. Based on their daily entries and topics of 140 characters or less, 8 short films will be screened throughout our festival.

These shorts will be screened together with the feature films screening.

And to close our festival, we will be hosting the Singapore Premiere of “Jakarta Maghrib” (Jakarta Twilight); a directorial debut of Indonesian notable writer Salman Aristo whose notable scripts are used for “Ayat-Ayat Cinta”, “Garuda Di Dadaku” and the winner of many International festivals “Laskar Pelangi”. The screening will take place in Golden Village’s Cinema Europa at Vivo City on March 12th 2011. Tickets are available from 24 February 2011 at $10 from Golden Village Vivo City.

For more information, visit our microsite at or follow our twitter @heydiaspora and our facebook fan page “Diaspora Magazine“.

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