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An Oregon man’s plan to save energy turns into a bigger project

21 February 2011


An Oregon man’s plan to save energy turns into a bigger project

“Deep Green” started as a weekend project – a short film about one man’s attempt to live more sustainably by reducing his energy use at home. More than three years and $2 million later, it’s a 90-minute documentary with a global story to tell.

Matt Briggs, a Lake Oswego mushroom picker who founded the wild mushroom wholesale company Cascade Trading, wrote, directed and produced the documentary.

He was inspired not by the gloom and doom that accompanies any close look at climate change science, but by the big and small changes occurring around the world as governments, businesses, nonprofit groups and individuals have developed solutions to reduce the amount of greenhouse gases on the planet.

Briggs will be in Eugene for a city-sponsored screening of his documentary on Thursday. While he started out thinking his film would be a brief tale about his own efforts – more insulation, less wasteful energy use – he got drawn deeper into the topic as he learned more.

In a phone interview, Briggs described how the project grew.

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via The Register Guard

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