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Production Talk – ‘Homecoming’ by Lee Thean-jeen1 min read

17 February 2011 < 1 min read


Production Talk – ‘Homecoming’ by Lee Thean-jeen1 min read

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HOMECOMING is a series of intertwining stories about an ensemble of people on both sides of the Causeway as they head home to celebrate their Chinese New Year Reunion Dinner with their families.

A road-trip movie, comedy and heartwarming family drama all rolled into one, the movie takes place over the course of one day ““ Chinese New Year’s Eve.

Hi Thean-Jeen, we understand this is your feature film directorial debut, how did you feel when you started this and what was your approach?

I didn’t think that when I made a first feature film, it would be a Chinese New Year comedy! For getting that off the ground, I have Daniel (Yun), Phillip (Lim) and (Chan) Pui Yin, the producers of the movie, to thank. My main worry was doing comedy: as the saying goes, “dying is easy, comedy is hard”! Although I’ve done several comedy series on television, I’ve never been in the same room as my audience when they’re watching it!

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