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Remembering Forever – By Joanna Dong1 min read

12 February 2011 < 1 min read


Remembering Forever – By Joanna Dong1 min read

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“Forever” is a profound word. For someone who aspires to live in the moment, “forever” is a staggering magnitude of innumerable moments yet to happen.

For someone who is notoriously forgetful (I don’t remember what I did last summer), it is almost ludicrous for me to speak of “forever” when “now” is already too much for me to cope with! Yet ironic as it might be, my First, was also to be my Forever.

Retrospectively, it could not have been a more appropriate title for my first film encounter. The stage, be it for live singing or Theatre, is my domain of familiarity. There, the presence of the audience is palpable, and their every response is part of the performance taking place.

Whatever happens on stage is transient, and that is its greatest charm. But there is a reason why Film has become the popular and pervasive medium it is today. It allows us to capture a transient moment of beauty, and make it permanent for posterity. It also satisfies a very human longing to leave traces of ourselves, to triumph over our mortality.

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