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Documentary shorts on worthy struggles

11 February 2011


Documentary shorts on worthy struggles

Screening the five 2011 Oscar nominees for best documentary short one after the other may have an unintended consequence: compassion fatigue.

These are all worthy films about worthy struggles, and this probably isn’t the best way to see them.

The quintet of 40-minute films, unspooling in two programs at the Coolidge starting today, tackles hard real-world issues and calls attention to desperate situations and individuals, and while your heart may be wrenched and your outrage stirred, they’re also spread thin.

That said, Program A has the three strongest works. Jed Rothstein’s “Killing in the Name” focuses on Muslims who are speaking up against international terrorism, specifically Jordan’s Ashraf al-Khaled, who, after losing 27 relatives when his wedding reception was bombed in 2005, has become a globe-trotting force for truth. If the non-discussion between him and an Al Qaeda recruiter (who won’t meet with al-Khaled in person) is a frustrating display of fanatic’s logic, an encounter at an Indonesian madrassa offers some hope.

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via The Boston Globe

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