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Exclusive Singaporean Premiere of Indonesian film cin(T)a1 min read

9 February 2011 2 min read


Exclusive Singaporean Premiere of Indonesian film cin(T)a1 min read

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“Why does God create us differently if he only wants to be worshipped in one way?”

Directed by Sammaria Simanjuntak, Indonesian film cin(T)a raises these questions and more. cin(T)a tells of a love story between two characters, Cina, a spirited 18 year old college freshman, and Annisa, a 24 year old senior whose fame and beauty have left her lonely.

But standing in between the Ê»cinʼ and the Ê»aʼ is (T), also known as Tuhan, the most unpredictable character everyone calls “God”, but in actual fact, nobody really knows who he… or she is.

They both love God, but they canʼt love each other because they each call God by different names.

“I am tired of love in the form of eros dominating Indonesian cinema nowadays. I am tired of people claiming that their version of God is the only truth,” says first-time director Sammaria Simanjuntak.

With a ʻloveʼ story that is seen through a different ʻlensʼ, cin(T)a serves up a menu of various dialogues that peals apart the differences with honesty and wit. In the end, it is the acknowledgement and working through of our differences that spur our world moving forward, our differences must not be a reason for us to obstruct each other.

Sinema Old School is proud to present, the Singaporean premiere of cin(T)a on 12th Feb. Join us for the exclusive screening and Q&A session with our guests, director Sammaria Simanjuntak, and lead actors Sunny Soon and Saira Jihan.

CIN(T)A Premiere
Date: 12 Feb 2011
Time: 7:30pm
Location: Sinema Old School 11B Mount Sophia #B1-12, Singapore 228466
Tickets: $12

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