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India, Through the Lens of Documentary Filmmakers1 min read

8 February 2011 < 1 min read


India, Through the Lens of Documentary Filmmakers1 min read

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Over 80 documentaries will be screened at the fourth edition of the Persistence Resistance festival which starts in Delhi Tuesday.

The festival, known for engaging with social and political themes, will include premieres, retrospectives and a series of film packages brought to Delhi by other documentary film festivals.

The films, many of which are shot in India, will look at topics ranging from life in working-class Delhi (Rahul Roy’s “The City is Beautiful,” 2003), to a search for truth behind mining giant Vedanta’s development plans in Orissa (Simon Chamber’s “Cowboys in India,” 2009), and how a band, “Indian Ocean,” goes about creating a new song (Spandan Banerjee’s “Beware Dogs,” 2004).

Organized at Delhi’s India International Center by Magic Lantern Foundation, a nonprofit that works with culture and human rights, this year’s three-day festival will focus on the “Edge of Visual Narrative.”

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