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Mumbai set to host first animation film festival

5 February 2011


Mumbai set to host first animation film festival

The Enlighten Film Society is organising a film festival, starting on Sunday, for the first time in Mumbai, Ibn live reported.

The festival will go on till February 27. Movies will be screened every Friday and Sunday. Films like “˜Pinocchio’, “˜Up’ and “˜Toy Story-3′ will be shown. “From Miyazaki to Disney, animation as a genre has redefined the idea of storytelling.

It also happens to be genre that is experiencing a revolution of ideas, narratives, technology, visuals and above all entertainment,” Pranav Ashar, founder of the Enlighten Film Society, said.

“Though Indian cinema has come up with a lot of animated films lately, none has been so credible in particular.”

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via Daily Times

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