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Sweet Homecoming1 min read

2 February 2011 < 1 min read


Sweet Homecoming1 min read

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IN CONTRAST to the dearth of feel-good Christmas movies last year, there seems to be an abundance of auspicious goodies – a mixture of Hong Kong and local films – crowding our screens this Chinese New Year.

Homecoming may lack the ensemble star power of Singapore director Kelvin Tong’s It’s A Great Great World, but it turns out to be an unexpected gem that is a total joy to behold.

Well, it is unexpected, because big-screen comedies featuring the talents of Jack Neo and Mark Lee have not impressed in recent years.

In this instance, there is some novelty in the fact that this is Neo’s comeback after his extramarital-affair scandal last year. Fortunately, it is also a return to form for the film-maker who first charmed us as an actor- comedian.

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