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HomeComing Review: Home Is Where the Heart Is

31 January 2011


HomeComing Review: Home Is Where the Heart Is

As the saying goes, “a house is not a home”. Well, this begs the question: what exactly is home?

There are some local films that attempt to examine this problematic concept of home, as well as its attendant notions of belonging and community.

The more ambitious ones conflate home with the nation and attempt to explore one’s identity with regards to the Singaporean soul – whatever the hell that may be.

Homecoming is smart in that its premise cleverly helps to navigate itself out of the quagmire of impossible answers and heavy-handed philosophical musings. The onus here is on the journey; its conceit is that it thrives on the (reasonable) assumption that audiences carry a tacit knowledge that wherever the characters end up in the end, that is ‘home’ to them.

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