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dGenerate Films Is Reeling In China’s Indies

30 January 2011


dGenerate Films Is Reeling In China’s Indies

The mainstream Chinese film industry is exploding, but what about the country’s independent films?

It’s not quite even an “industry” yet, but one former sub-prime mortgage advisor is changing that. Karin Chien, the founder of dGenerate Films, literally hand-carries Chinese independent films out of the country.

Then she screens them for audiences in the United States, where there’s a high demand for independent Chinese films, and earns a tidy profit in the process. Now she’s working up plans for China’s first independent film training academy.

Chien, a Los Angelese native and UC Berkeley alum, led one of the country’s leading sub-prime advisory firms in New York City, and then later returned to her passion for narrative films–but brought her new-found business acumen to the table by focusing on the under-developed niche market of Chinese independent film.

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