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dGenerate Films Is Reeling In China’s Indies1 min read

30 January 2011 < 1 min read


dGenerate Films Is Reeling In China’s Indies1 min read

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The mainstream Chinese film industry is exploding, but what about the country’s independent films?

It’s not quite even an “industry” yet, but one former sub-prime mortgage advisor is changing that. Karin Chien, the founder of dGenerate Films, literally hand-carries Chinese independent films out of the country.

Then she screens them for audiences in the United States, where there’s a high demand for independent Chinese films, and earns a tidy profit in the process. Now she’s working up plans for China’s first independent film training academy.

Chien, a Los Angelese native and UC Berkeley alum, led one of the country’s leading sub-prime advisory firms in New York City, and then later returned to her passion for narrative films–but brought her new-found business acumen to the table by focusing on the under-developed niche market of Chinese independent film.

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