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The BIG, Brave world of New Media1 min read

29 January 2011 < 1 min read


The BIG, Brave world of New Media1 min read

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Facebook, Twitter, mobile downloads, video clips are the rage as films, TV, radio companies wake up to the immense possibilities of these new ‘distribution channels’.

Kapur of UTV says because new media is an interactive medium, the response is instantaneous. “You immediately get to know what people like and dislike,” she adds.

“There is a clear focus on new media, we are up to date with current trends, and heavily dependent on Twitter, Facebook, mobile,” says Shikha Kapur, VP, marketing, UTV Motion Pictures.

While new media platforms are being used strategically on a regular basis to promote programmes, whether it is for the launch of a show/film or to keep viewers engaged with an on-going show, promotions apart, TV channels, production houses and radio stations are also using new media as a distribution platform.

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