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China dances to Bollywood tunes1 min read

29 January 2011 < 1 min read


China dances to Bollywood tunes1 min read

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Bollywood dance numbers, popular around the globe, have now started making inroads in the cultural milieu of China with a new centre devoted to train beginners to shake a leg on the beats of Hindi film music.

Initially it was Yoga, followed by Indian classical dances and cuisine that fired Chinese fascination for Indian culture but off late Bollywood beats are taking centrestage.

Though classical Indian dances are popular there, film music too is making its presence felt and riding on the popularity of such songs, an Israeli expat has opened a new dance centre devoted to train local people on Bollywood number.

Namatinia says her dance group has already started getting offers from different hotels to perform. The dancer says she discovered the magic of Bollywood only four years ago, while she was stationed in Delhi with her husband.

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