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New action-packed movies to blast the screens soon1 min read

20 January 2011 < 1 min read


New action-packed movies to blast the screens soon1 min read

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While local action movies have been reduced to automobile antics, straight up action flicks have never really been at the forefront of Malaysian cinema, simply due to the financial constraints in affecting the magnitude of blowing everything up around to smithereens for kicks.

Twenty-nine-year old actor-turned-di­rector Farid Kamil Zahari, however, is so sure that the genre has its following, that he will showcase his ability to best utilise what available resources there are to make the action genre a staple.

Met at a doa selamat event for his lat­est venture, an action-comedy offering in Pertiga that has already begun shoot­ing around Penang, Farid was keen to talk about his upcoming projects.

After the success of his directorial debut in V3: Samseng Jalanan which grossed RM3.88 million – no mean feat by any standards – Farid is raring to in­troduce the genre he wants to champion to local movie-goers.

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via The Malay Mail Online

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