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A Digital Niche for Indie Film1 min read

17 January 2011 < 1 min read


A Digital Niche for Indie Film1 min read

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So many independent films, so few ways to see them.

Now an investment arm of Comcast, the cable giant, and New Enterprise Associates, a venture capital firm with a broad technology portfolio, are placing a bet on the digital future of indies.

On Monday, the two companies are expected to announce an investment of $10 million in the expansion of SnagFilms, Rick Allen, its chief executive, said.

SnagFilms has a library of about 2,000 documentaries. The fresh investment, Mr. Allen said, will allow the company to add “hundreds” of narrative films. He speculated that “first films by now-famous directors,” for instance, might be more viable on SnagFilms than through conventional video distributors.

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via The New York Times

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