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Kim Tae-gyun talks A BAREFOOT DREAM1 min read

16 January 2011 < 1 min read


Kim Tae-gyun talks A BAREFOOT DREAM1 min read

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In 2002, East Timor (officially Timor Leste), a tiny island nation 400 miles north of Australia, became the first independent nation of the 21st century.

A former Portuguese colony and invaded and annexed in 1975 by Indonesia with the help of US, this nation’s history is marred by violence and poverty.

Director Kim Tae-gyun (Volcano High, The Crossing) uses this volatile backdrop for his latest film, A Barefoot Dream, and tells a story of a former Korean soccer star and failed businessman who travels to East Timor, like many other opportunistic foreigners, in the hopes of exploiting the local economy.

Instead, he ends up coaching a soccer team of poverty stricken East Timorese kids, ultimately bringing them to a world tournament soccer victory. The film makes its North American premiere at the Tribeca Cinemas in Manhattan as part of bi-monthly Korean Film Nights series, made possible by Korean Cultural Service and the Subway Cinema.

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