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Hong Kong Stars in SG to promote CNY2 min read

15 January 2011 2 min read


Hong Kong Stars in SG to promote CNY2 min read

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Twenty Hong Kong celebrities including top movie stars Eric Tsang, Sandra Ng and TVB artistes Chen Fala , Louis Yuen, Maggie Cheung Ho Yee , Angela Tong , will be coming to Singapore to promote their upcoming Chinese New Year 2011 Blockbuster I LOVE HONG KONG!

They will arrive in Singapore on Sunday, 16th January 2011 via Hong Kong Airlines which had recently launched their new route from Hong Kong to Singapore.

The star tour will start with a visit to Singapore Flyer, where stars from I LOVE HONG KONG will board the Singapore Flyer together with low income families from Hong Kong. Following that, the stars will make an appearance at Jurong Point, JP2 Entrance Square , for an up-close and personal meet-the-fans and autograph session with their fans.

Press conference for I LOVE HONG KONG will be held the next day, Monday 17th January at No Signboard Seafood Restaurant, Esplanade. They will interact with the media and answer questions regarding their roles in the movie.

I LOVE HONG KONG tells the story of SHUN (Tony Leung Ka Fai) who returns with his wife SHUN-SO (Sandra Ng) and 3 kids (Aarif Lee, Mag Lam & Clorinda Chan) to stay with his dad (Stanley Fung) after a failed business venture. Upon Shun’s return, he realised that the neighbourhood he grew up in is no longer the bustling hub it used to be.

Then Shun’s old buddy LUNG (Eric Tsang) appears, and things take a turn. The duo had lost contact after Lung was accused of fleeing with money raised for a charity drive.

They reminisced about the neighbourhood’s past and presented their proposal to rebuild the estate and revive its glorious past. The community and neighbourhood folks are thrilled with the idea and contributed money and efforts to work towards the rebuilding. Little did they expect, Lung once again, fled with their money”¦

I LOVE HONG KONG opens in Singapore on 2nd February 2011. The movie is distributed in Singapore by Clover Films and Shaw Organization.

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