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RGV never to shoot on film camera again

9 January 2011


RGV never to shoot on film camera again

Ram Gopal Varma again becomes the first person to experiment with a different camera to shoot his films, unlike others who are still using the film camera.

His next film KSD Appalraju (Katha Screenplay Direction Appalraju) is a comedy film based on the Film Industry and the first Indian film to be shot on Arri Alexa (Digital Camera).

In the past RGV has shot films like Rakta Charitra 1 and Rakta Charitra 2 on RED camera. In future he plans to shoot his film Department as well on a new digital camera.

The filmmaker says “Alexa produces images that have the organic look and feel of film, delivering incredible production value at an affordable cost.”

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via The Times of India

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