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Digital technology catching on as mainstream filmmaking tool

9 January 2011


Digital technology catching on as mainstream filmmaking tool

Indian makes around 1,100 films per year as compared to 400 to 800 made by the US and 500 movies made in the rest of the world.

“However, it’s the US that makes the largest amount of money in filmmaking because it has around 42,000 screens as compared to around 15,000 screens in India. This means a greater number of prints in the US.”

“Therefore, in order to increase film business, our country needs to have a greater number of screens,” said Ujwal Nirgudkar, technical advisor to the National Film Archive of India (NFAI) and with a Mumbai-based film laboratory, during a workshop on digital cinema at the Pune International Film Festival on Saturday.

“In India, most films are shot entirely on film. But soon a trend will emerge where films will be shot partly on film and partly on digital. This will also make film projects cost-effective,” said cinematographer A S Kanal.

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via The Times of India

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