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China’s film watchdog warns of film quality issue

8 January 2011


China’s film watchdog warns of film quality issue

As China’s 2010 box office topped an unprecedented 10 billion yuan, the country’s filmmakers are urged to be on guard regarding various problems in the industry, including a lack of humanity and increasing vulgarity.

“Chinese filmmakers must know that although box office is an essential index, it cannot reflect the overall situation of the country’s movie industry.”

“And it certainly cannot cover up all the problems,” Tong Gang, head of the film bureau under the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television (SARFT) said Friday at a news conference.

Tong said that the country’s young filmmakers have yet to create influential works in order to enter mainstream cinema and win their own fans. “Filmmaking is not simply a market behavior. It should also embody cultural values,” Tong said.

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via People’s Daily Online

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