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Made-in-Singapore Battizer Encourages Battery Recycling1 min read

6 January 2011 < 1 min read


Made-in-Singapore Battizer Encourages Battery Recycling1 min read

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Global warming is real. No, global warming is a conspiracy. The iceberg is melting at an alarming rate. No, the iceberg is in fact thickening.

Confusing as it can be, it’s undeniable that consumption has increased, but it doesn’t mean that it can’t be reduced through wise and mindful usage.

Made in Singapore, Battizer allows you to charge your AA and AAA disposable battery for up to 12 times. If you are still skeptical about its function, Sinema has a Battizer free trial station where you can charge your batteries for 15 minutes.

Battizer is currently available at Sinema Online Store for $88, and shipping options are available. We have an assortment of blue, green, white, black and pink Battizers up for grabs

***Go green instead of red for this year’s Chinese New Year: Get a Battizer charger + one box of 48 rechargeable alkaline batteries for $99! Promotion till 28/02/2011

Starting shopping at Sinema Online Store >>

Details & reviews of Battizer >>

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