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Chua Enlai’s leap of faith

1 January 2011


Chua Enlai’s leap of faith

You have seen him on television in a ton of shows like the hugely popular comedy series “The Noose” and “Sayang Sayang”.

You have also seen him on stage in numerous productions like “Cinderel-Lah!” and the critically-acclaimed “Fundamentally Happy”.

But you will see Singapore actor Chua Enlai on the big screen for the first time ever, when he plays an overbearing platoon commander in the army who doesn’t believe in ghosts, in Boris Boo’s “The Day Off”.

“The Day Off”, about how Chua’s character’s refusal to excuse one of his sick reservist soldiers Ah Tan (933FM deejay Dennis Chew) from an exercise leads to tragic supernatural consequences, is one of two stories in Jack Neo’s 2011 Mandarin horror-comedy “The Ghosts Must Be Crazy”.

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