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First Images From Saya Samurai1 min read

24 December 2010 < 1 min read


First Images From Saya Samurai1 min read

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Word has been circulating for a little while now that Japan’s uber-comedian turned director Hitoshi Matsumoto has quietly shot a third feature film in secret.

News appears to have been confirmed with the release of two images from Saya Samurai.

Matsumoto is one of the most unique talents in the world, as proven with the one two punch of Dai Nipponjin (Big Man Japan) and Symbol and so I hesitate to guess what the tone of this latest effort may be.

According to Ryuganji’s Don Brown the story is “about samurai Kanjuro (Nomi Takaaki) who leaves his clan without permission with his daughter, depicting their bond & struggle.” This makes it sound like a drama but drama is not typically what Matsumoto does and star Nomi Takaaki is apparently a non-actor who Matsumoto has worked with on previous comedy specials. So who knows, really.

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