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Bollywood hopes animation is a draw for audiences

24 December 2010


Bollywood hopes animation is a draw for audiences

India’s animators are hoping that a film starring two of Bollywood’s biggest stars will revive the sector’s fortunes, after earlier efforts to popularise the cartoon genre fell flat.

Ajay Devgn and his wife Kajol appear in “Toonpur Ka Superrhero” (eds: correct) (Toontown Superhero), whose combination of real-life actors and cartoon characters recalls the Oscar-winning film “Who Framed Roger Rabbit” from 1988.

In Hollywood, animated films can cost 80-120 million dollars but “Toonpur” director Kireet Khurana said his film — India’s first 3D “animation combination” feature — was made for a 10th of the cost.

“It’s tough to get someone to finance an animation project in India. People are still wary of box office results,” Khurana told the Indian Express newspaper.

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