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Bear smashes £130,000 camera equipment during shoot1 min read

24 December 2010 < 1 min read


Bear smashes £130,000 camera equipment during shoot1 min read

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Wildlife documentary-makers are going to increasingly cunning means to sneak into the secret world of their subjects but don’t think for a second that the animals are fooled, as these images prove.

Award-winning director John Downer had disguised one of his remote-controlled spy cameras as a large snowball to capture the journey of a polar bear mother and her cub crossing the sea ice in Svalbard, Norway, in search of seals.

But – in a documentary Dowler says captures the bears’ ‘astonishing intelligence’ – this adult male wasn’t having the wool pulled over his eyes.

The ‘blizzard cam’ is on wheels and remote-controlled, and even though the film-maker tried to steer the expensive equipment out of harms way it was no match for an angry polar bear weighing upwards of half a ton.

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