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Chinese animation goes 3-D1 min read

22 December 2010 < 1 min read


Chinese animation goes 3-D1 min read

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Details of China’s first stereoscopic 3-D animation were announced today in Beijing. Budgeted at RMB120 million, Legend of a Rabbit will be released on 3000 screens in July 2011.

The animated feature is directed by Sun Yijun, president of the animation school of the Beijing Film Academy, who co-produce with Tianjin Film Studio.

In the film, a rabbit is entrusted with a tablet by a dying martial arts master. The rabbit promises to deliver it to the man’s daughter. Unable to find her, he works as a chef at the master’s martial arts academy where he picks up the odd kungfu move. When an evil panda invades the town, only the rabbit stands in his way.

The film boasts seven action scenes choreographed by a real taichi master, one involving flying beads of sweat that kill mosquitoes mid-flight. The film’s score is composed by Hong Kong’s Peter Kam, awarded in Berlin for his work on Edmond Pang’s Isabella.

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