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Camera captures fatal shooting on Philippines film set

21 December 2010


Camera captures fatal shooting on Philippines film set

REAL-LIFE horrors have been the inspiration for many a successful film or play with authenticity supplied by make-up artists and special effects teams.

But as Alan Lyddiard will tell you, even in a world of make-believe you are not immune to real life. Last month, while directing a film in the Philippines, one of his actors, Kirk Abella, was shot dead in the middle of a scene.

But as an artist for whom reality intruded horribly, Alan is in some turmoil. “It’s like I’m in a movie myself. I’m in a movie and we’re shooting a movie about reality but what is reality and what is fiction?”

“It’s very confusing and very, very painful. You have to take responsibility for your actions, it seems to me. I wanted to do something and, as a result, something terrible happened. I’m still coming to terms with that.

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