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Stefan Says So: Haunted Changi Now Out on DVD1 min read

19 December 2010 2 min read


Stefan Says So: Haunted Changi Now Out on DVD1 min read

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The DVD for Haunted Changi has launched, and it has no lack of extras packed into it as well! This edition now out in stores contain the feature film with enhanced footage unseen in cinemas.

So for those who want to return to the location through film (since it is now officially closed), this I guess will be your pick.

Special features include the First 3 Chapters of Sheena’s book “What Happened to the Crew of Haunted Changi”, which was hinted about at the end of the film, and the 16mm World War 2 archival footage which I guess is the documentary piece seen in the beginning of the movie.

For all the controversies raised during the production stage about the blog entries, the Crew’s Production Blog is archived into the DVD as well, and rounding up the features is the obligatory Original Theatrical Trailer.

But that’s not all! The DVD will also come packed with an actual 35mm filmstrip from the movie! So it’s a lottery out there if you do pick up the DVD that you do not get segments of the film where well, you see/get nothing!

You can read my review of Haunted Changi here, and check out the cast and crew Q&A here.

For more details about the DVD release, and how you can get your hands on a copy whether you’re in Singapore or overseas, check out this link at the official movie webpage.

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** Haunted Changi is now available in Sinema Store for $19.90

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