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Indonesian Filmmaker Takes Casting Calls Online1 min read

19 December 2010 < 1 min read


Indonesian Filmmaker Takes Casting Calls Online1 min read

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Director Rudi Soedjarwo is harnessing the power of the Internet and mobile phones to give anybody with online access a chance to audition for him

He held a press conference at the Hard Rock Cafe in Jakarta to launch his new Web site,

Rudi is known for his ability to nurture new acting talent. Actors Fauzi Baadila and Dennis Adhiswara and actress Sigi Wimala are a couple examples of performers who broke into the industry under Rudi’s direction.

He said his search for new and talented actors was becoming more difficult because producers only wanted stereotypically good-looking actors.”I am used to having fresh talent, but the casting system does not give me what I want anymore,” he said.

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via The Jakarta Globe

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