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Film industry: freedom or profitmaking?1 min read

18 December 2010 < 1 min read


Film industry: freedom or profitmaking?1 min read

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The cinema industry faces a choice between making independent films or surefire moneymakers, a studio chief said yesterday.

Movies are a business, the president of Rotana Studios, Dr Hala Sarhan, told a panel discussion at Dubai International Film Festival (DIFF).

Peter Weir, the director of The Way Back, which was shown at Diff on Wednesday, said that when he started his career in Australia “commercial” was a dirty word.

He said filmmakers should be given the choice of a full “keyboard to play with”, and take some risks. “We must protect new filmmakers because we could be in danger of losing them. I took risks in my career, some were successes and some weren’t.”

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