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Erotic film Eternity gains extra hour1 min read

17 December 2010 < 1 min read


Erotic film Eternity gains extra hour1 min read

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ML Bhandevanob Devakul’s erotic period drama Eternity is to be re-released by Sahamongkolfilm in a longer director’s cut on 23 Dec.

Devakul’s melodrama was an unexpected word-of-mouth hit in September for Sahamongkolfilm, which also handles international sales.

Based on a 1943 novella, the film is about a man who has an affair with the wife of his uncle, a timber tycoon. When caught, the jealous husband shackles the two lovers together in a remote logging camp.

At the time of the film’s original release, director Devakul told the Bangkok Post, “It’s a very intelligent book. It goes beyond reality, yet its feet are firmly grounded in the reality of human feelings.”

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