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LG Display striving for 3D expansion1 min read

16 December 2010 < 1 min read


LG Display striving for 3D expansion1 min read

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3D television captured the attention of the related global industry and the imagination of consumers following the success of “Avatar.”

Now, LG Electronics and Samsung Electronics, two Korean manufacturing giants, have been cashing in on that by launching a series of advanced TVs.

LG Group’s key display-making unit, LG Display, is the biggest rival of Samsung Electronics in the global flat-panel industry and is aiming high to eat up bigger shares in the global 3D panel market by shipping more of its PR-driven screens to the world’s top-tier television makers.

One of the key issues with 3D playback at home is ghosting or crosstalk. When the left eye sees what is meant for the right eye, a ghost image is caused around the edges of some objects, causing 3D content to suffer from crosstalk issues.

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via The Korea Times

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