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Malaysian Woman Faces Wrath Of Indian Underworld

15 December 2010


Malaysian Woman Faces Wrath Of Indian Underworld

A Malaysian businesswoman who financed a Tamil movie depicting a turf war involving rival gangsters, now fears being targeted by the Indian underworld.

V. Jayalakshmi claimed she had spent about RM500,000 to finance the movie, but the film director refused her capital sum as requested.

‘Agam Puram’ (Two-Face), starring Shamsuddin Ibrahim and new actress Meenakshi, is now being shown in local theatres. The story touches on an underworld gang war similar to the Hollywood movie, ‘American Gangster’.

She has financed its production on a staggered basis since 2008, after she was convinced by a South Indian film director that the movie, ‘Agam Puram’ (Two-Face) would rake in millions in revenue.

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