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Often-Ignored Animation Editors Looking to Boost Profile

14 December 2010


Often-Ignored Animation Editors Looking to Boost Profile

Some awards shows, including the International Animated Film Society’s Annies, don’t offer editing as a category, which one industry insider calls an “oversight.”

Animated movies have had a tremendous impact on the 2010 box office.

Four of the year’s top 10 grossers — Toy Story 3, Despicable Me, Shrek Forever After and How to Train Your Dragon — are animated, and then there’s Tangled, which topped the Thanksgiving weekend’s chart.

“Like live action, we put the pieces together, but animation has this extra step of developing the story and storyboards, which can last a couple of years,” said Ken Schretzmann, who edited Toy Story 3 with director Lee Unkrich.

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via The Hollywood Reporter

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