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YouTube Extends Video Time, Promises Copyright Protection

12 December 2010


YouTube Extends Video Time, Promises Copyright Protection

YouTube recently announced it is allowing certain users to create videos longer than the previous limit of 15 minutes, while assuring copyright holders that it won’t be making a bad situation worse for them.

The 15-minute limit from YouTube was previously raised for all users from 10 minutes.

This time, the additional time is only available to users that have a proven history of complying with the site’s copyright rules. The company said even so, it is ramping up the amount of users allowed to do this very slowly.YouTube is using ContentID to ensure the longer video time period won’t allow more copyrighted material to be illegally uploaded. ContentID has a reference file of specific song and video types, if a video matches this content then it will contact the rights holder. The rights holder can either have the clip blocked, allow for tracking metrics or monetize it.

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via International Business Times

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